Levothyroxine Withdrawal Symptoms

Levothyroxine Withdrawal Symptoms | Should You Concern ?

levothyroxine withdrawal symptomsAre you suffering from levothyroxine withdrawal symptoms? Before answering this question, one may need to understand what levothyroxine is and the various withdrawal symptoms associated with it. The term levothyroxine refers to a replacement hormone which assists in replacing the natural hormones that are excreted by the thyroid gland. It is taken when the thyroid gland does not work at its expected optimum level to regulate the body’s metabolism and levels of energy. It could also be used to treat a thyroid gland that is enlarged due to radiation, surgery, hormonal imbalances or cancer.

Levothyroxine Withdrawal Symptoms | What Can You Do ?

levothyroxine withdrawal symptomsThere are various levothyroxine withdrawal symptoms that have been observed amongst patients who suffered from them in the past. A sudden withdrawal would cause hypothyroidism which is a term used to refer to an underactive thyroid. The hypothyroidism causes various symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, sensitivity to cold due to the body lack of enough thyroid hormones hence its processes slow down and depression. Patients suffering from thyroid cancer are the worst affected as they could suffer acute hypothyroidism in case of a withdrawal.

Withdrawal of the levothyroxine would also lead to increased depression and anxiety among the patients. According to studies conducted the results proved that there was a consistent pattern for increased anxiety at a percentage of 44 and a 17% in depression among patients who exhibited levothyroxine withdrawal symptoms.

levothyroxine withdrawal symptomsThe body may suffer from an insulin resistance due to this withdrawal. The thyroid hormones are responsible for the modulation of the body glucose metabolism which also affects the response to the blood sugar by the body’s insulin. Sudden withdrawal from the treatment would create an insulin resistance in the body. This affects the rate at which the body stabilizes the blood sugar. The blood glucose affects the body’s ability to burn fats and also its energy level.

Another symptom associated with the withdrawal of this hormone is pale or dry human skin. The reduced amount of hormone available in the body affects the moisture content of the body skin. In addition, there are other physical effects noticed which are hair loss and dry brittle nails.

It is not safe and advisable to stop the treatment of levothyroxine without consulting a doctor even if the treatment has some side effects on the body when it is used. Its use could cause irritability, nausea, menstrual changes and heat intolerance and these symptoms should be reported to the doctor who would offer advice and the treatment to deal with them. This way would be better and safe rather than risk suffering from the various levothyroxine withdrawal symptoms brought about by the sudden stop in using the levothyroxine treatment.

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